Which E3 2021 Streams Should You Watch?


Okay, so this week is the biggest news week for the games industry. Everyone is coming together for E3 2021, even if they’re not all explicitly part of the E3 stream schedule. It’s all gotten so big that someone has put together an amazing schedule of all the streams with various time zones. I’ll be using it to keep track of what’s going on, and I suggest that you do exactly the same. Here, I want to point out which streams you should definitely tune in for if you want to get the most out of your E3 experience.

First, make sure you watch the Wholesome Direct. I’ve seen some great games come out of this event before, and I think this year will be even better. This is where you’ll catch small games that are more about relaxing than anything else. If you’re into that, tune in.

If you love Ubisoft games like The Division 2, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry, then watch the Ubisoft Forward event. This will show off everything the company has planned for the year. There’s little more to say about that one.

Devolver Digital is always a fun stream, but the games aren’t necessarily fantastic. Watch it if you want to be up to date on the memes and mad showcase stuff. Otherwise, give it a miss.

The big names to watch are Square Enix, Xbox and Bethesda, and whatever Sony does separately to E3 itself. This is where the bulk of the exciting content will come from. You’ll get new exclusives, probably a good look at some new Bethesda games, and generally feel that E3 hole from 2020 being filled.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, watch whatever Nintendo does. The company is almost definitely going to announce a new Switch console, and you’ll want to be there for that. They are also hosting a three-hour-long stream of games for the Switch. This is your first look at new Switch content coming out this year, and it’s going to blow the minds of every single Switch console owner. Don’t miss this one. If you can only catch one thing, make sure it’s whatever Nintendo does.

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