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You Should Continue Your Expedition Save Once The Event Is Over In No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is a fantastic game, at least for some people. It requires a lot of input from you, and gives very little in return. It’s much more of an experience than it is a game, but that’s okay for the certain type of player who wants to enjoy that. The Expeditions transform it into a game for two weeks though, and they’ve been fantastic so far. However, I’ve been playing on my Expedition save file long after Beachhead ended, and I feel like too many other players will be ignoring them. Maybe even deleting them. I want to tell you why you shouldn’t be doing that.

An Expedition save file is your only home while an Expedition is running. It’s got all your progress in the current event, and you’ll have put a lot of effort into the things you’ve done there, like the distance you’ve traveled, the ship and suit you have, and probably the base you’ve built. Outside of that though, the save file reverts to a standard one. you still have access to all the Expedition rewards you earned, and you’re in the same location. The only difference is that the Expedition is now over.

However, you can still play No Man’s Sky as if it’s a standard save file. The main difference I’ve found is that the planets around you feel a lot more populated. Every system I get to has at least one world where a player has set down a part of a base, making it feel like there are players everywhere in the vicinity. This was true during the Expedition, and it may still be true, but there are definitely fewer of us floating about out there.

I think the combination of all the gear and progress I’ve made in the Expedition, plus the fuller feel of the systems around me, makes me want to play more. I never feel quite as isolated, pushing me to travel further and discover more around the region in space that I’ve been dumped. This is sadly something that doesn’t happen in No Man’s Sky very often, but Expeditions change all of that. Hopefully, we’ll get another one very soon, because I can’t wait to get this same experience somewhere else.

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