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Touch It Is A Dreams Game We All Want To Live


Dreams is a game in which you can make whatever you want. You might put together a game, a movie, or just a scene for others to enjoy. It’s an incredibly powerful creation tool through which all kinds of expression and art can be made. I love it for the creativity that people are able to put into it for others to enjoy. It’s truly astounding. However, I think with a game called Touch It, we may have seen the peak of content from Dreams. This is a game that lets you live out that fantasy you had when you were a child on a trip to a museum. You can touch the art.

Of course, there’s more to Touch It than that. You have to touch the artwork while the guard isn’t watching. He sleeps for random increments of time. You’ve got to get in a few touches with your hands, feet, and even hug the art, all while keeping an eye on what the guard is doing. If they wake up, you’ve got to act like you’re looking at something else entirely. The guard will end the game if they catch you, and no one wants that. We all just want to keep touching the artwork.

I love this game for its simplicity. It’s based on that feeling of doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, but it’s ultimately harmless. There’s nothing that could go wrong, it’s just that there’s this unspoken law that you have to abide by. It’s pure English humour, and there’s very little that’s made me laugh as much as it has all week. If you own Dreams, then this is worth playing, and if you don’t, it might just be worth buying so you can access it. When else are you going to touch art like this?

Moreover, I think this game speaks to us on a level that we all need. During the pandemic, it’s been impossible to have little fun times like the ones displayed in this game. We all need a laugh every now and then, and games like this give us that joy.

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