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Dead Space Remasters Are Looking Much More Likely

After the massive success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, EA has announced that it’s reviving another old IP. Of course, the only thing fans seem to care about around this announcement is the possibility of some Dead Space remasters. I’m on board with this, and would love a chance to experience the Dead Space trilogy in a brand new way. After all, EA killed the series, so it’s only right that the publisher reaches back and revives it. There would need to be some changes though, and I think all fans would be with me on these.

First, The entire Dead Space catalog would need to be included in any remake bundle. This means all the weird FPS titles, the mobile games, and even the comics. Second, the first two games should be remastered exactly as they are. We don’t want microtransactions in them, but we do want all previously released DLC.

Third, Dead Space 2’s multiplayer needs to be included. This was forced into the game by EA because it launched at a time when executives wanted every game to have multiplayer, but I genuinely enjoyed it. I think the fan base would have a blast with it today, and I would love to see it supported so that everyone today can at least see what it looked like at the time. While it might be plagued by microtransactions, it wouldn’t need to be. Reviving it as it was would give enough insight for people to see what it was, and then they can move on with their lives.

Finally, and this is the biggest change, let’s remove microtransactions from Dead Space 3. These were a way to game the game, making you impossibly powerful right from the start. This game more than any of the others needs to get the remake treatment, meaning the entire title should be reworked to function without microtransactions, and even provide a better experience. Visceral was a prolific developer, making some of the best titles I’ve ever played, including this entire trilogy. EA should bring the series back as a tribute to the terrible decisions that were made in it, and fix the issues caused by those who had no right making changes at the time.