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At This Point Elusive Targets Should All Be Permanent In Hitman 3


Hitman 3‘s latest Elusive Targets have all either been pretty dreadful or reruns of older ones. It’s not a problem having reruns, and even though the Hitman 3 exclusive Elusive Targets are pretty awful, it’s nice to have new ones rather than nothing. At least it shows that Io Interactive is trying. However, there’s still a good gap in each season between us having Elusive Targets. It’s a point in the season that feels dull. Sure, we also get some Featured Contracts, but those don’t feel like enough to keep everyone going. What we need is something more permanent, a rota of Elusive Targets that will continually allow us to take them on with no gaps between their appearances.

Currently, we’re given a roadmap for every season that usually contains at least two Elusive Targets. Of those, one is a rerun, something that’s been in one of the previous Hitman reboot trilogy titles. We generally get about a week’s worth of countdown to them, but we know when they’re coming long before that. Honestly, it’s arduous waiting for them, because all players smash them in the first day or so. Everyone has completed them within the first weekend, and that’s that. There’s nothing else to do after that. We just have to wait for the Elusive Target to disappear, and then wait a few weeks for the next one to arrive.

Io Interactive has a glut of Elusive Targets from past Hitman games, so why not just add them to a rota and have them appear in Hitman 3 one after the other? This would avoid the gap between each Elusive Target’s appearance dates, and ensure that the community constantly has a current Elusive Target to play on. Sure, most players will use the same tried and tested tactics, but for those of us who like to mix things up, this would be great. An opportunity to perfect a speedrun or try to complete a mission with a severe handicap.

Io Interactive needs to add more content to Hitman 3, and it’s sitting on a tonne of it that would make us happy. There’s no sense in this unless the game has been built in a way that makes this 100% impossible. I don’t believe that though.

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