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Elusive Targets In Hitman 3 Need A Randomised Element


Hitman 3 players are pretty devastated by the current situation with Elusive Targets. The issue is that they’re just not that good. The reruns are fine, though they’re very familiar. It’s the ones being added to Hitman 3 exclusive locations that are the problem. There’s nothing about them that’s exciting or challenging. Players are finding it easier to game the Elusive Targets and finish them in no time at all. This is a problem because it takes what should be the most exciting element of the game and makes it boring. Dulling a game that’s supposed to be about creativity is a terrible thing, but there is something that Io Interactive could do to remedy the issue.

All Elusive Targets are pretty much the same. There are two bodyguards, and the target walks around the location doing some sort of job. Their patrol is set for that single mission. If Io Interactive added some level of randomisation to each one, it would make for a much more interesting and intriguing experience. Suddenly that tried and tested tactic doesn’t work because the target doesn’t move to a certain location, or is deaf for this run of the mission. Little changes like this can mix up how players take these missions on massively, and they’re so small that Io Interactive could probably do them without too much work.

I say this as someone who isn’t a game developer, and while I’ve done my share of coding, I appreciate that I don’t know what I’m talking about. In simple terms though, I’m talking about making a change to one element of an Elusive Target’s AI. For example, removing their ability to hear, meaning distractions won’t work. You could also make them got to a different location, or have a random set of routes that would be randomly chosen over the course of the mission. These tiny changes would keep the game interesting enough, and allow Io Interactive to work on new Elusive Targets that are a bit more enjoyable than the most recent ones. I love what’s on offer in Hitman 3 so far, but we just need more, and Io Interactive has to be aware of that.

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