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State of Decay 2 Is Much Better After Update 25


Last week, Undead Labs shipped its big new patch for State of Decay 2, Update 25. This update changes the game for the better in so many ways. There’s now a much more different way to play the game that will totally change the player base’s initial tactics, and I think it’s going to reinvigorate the players for the better. There’s not too much to go through, but each part plays into a larger change that makes the game so much more enjoyable. This is the perfect example of what happens when developers listen to their players.

The first huge change is to sidearms. They exist now. These secondary weapons are taken for granted in most other titles, but they’ve been sorely lacking in State of Decay 2. Now it’s possible to equip a secondary firearm to take out with you for when you run out of ammo in your primary. Having this backup feels great, and adds a sense of preparation to the game that enhances what was there before. You’re always thinking about the next step ahead, considering what weapons you have, and how full they are of ammunition.

The second change is the addition of Plague Territory. This is a new type of area on the map. everything within it is off-limits until you kill the Plague Heart lurking nearby. Once you’ve scouted out the Plague Heart, you can kill it to claim the area and start using the outposts. This change is great because it adds much more of a reason to take down Plague Hearts early. They’ve been pointless for so long, but now they feel like they have a reason for existing, and that totally changes everything while you’re playing.

Finally, you can now upgrade outposts. This is another aspect of the update that will change how everyone plays this game. You can now rely much more heavily on your outposts to bring in resources, meaning that there’s very little reason to build the same resources in your base. It makes it possible to purely focus on other aspects, allowing for a much freer and less complicated playthrough. This is what players have been waiting for, and it’s great.

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