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The Good Points About Assassin’s Creed Infinity


This week, an incredibly controversial topic was raised: Assassin’s Creed Infinity. This game is set to be a live service Assassin’s Creed entry that sounds as if it’ll end the mainline releases, at least in part. The service will be the host platform for all Assassin’s Creed games. You’ll load it up and jump into the adventures, which are the games themselves. This would allow Ubisoft to continuously update all the games in the series every time a new one comes along, and keep them connected forever. There are good and bad points about this service, and I want to go through some of the more positive ones here.

First, there’s nothing wrong with the Assassin’s Creed games being more connected. It seems like we get armour inspired by older games in the new ones all the time, and DLC is intrinsically linked between them in the past titles. I say that this should come back, and we need more interconnectivity. If you have one game, you should get an adventure or mission in another, that makes everything feel as connected as the series makes out.

We should also bear in mind that Ubisoft wouldn’t need to drop support for any Assassin’s Creed game if it kept them all in one place. Updates could address issues in all games, and provide new content in a few of them at a time. There’s very little to not like here. Keeping the games relevant keeps the community together, and that’s that.

The final major point I have is that a live service Assassin’s Creed game will last forever, and that’s no bad thing. I always hate the end of an Assassin’s Creed game, because it means that we have to wait years for the next one before we get any sort of advancement in the story. With a live service game though, the story goes on. It’s just like how Assassin’s Creed Valhalla continues to be enjoyable long after launch, and will be for another year. There’s so much going on in the game for a longer period of time, and everyone can enjoy their adventures over and over again. Sometimes, change is good.

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