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Maneater Is Coming For The Truth


Maneater: Truth was revealed some months ago now. However, this week we got another little look at what’s coming in this expansion to the base game. The new trailer basically gives away the premise of the expansion, taking out all of the black sites around this new location in the game. Some sort of secret service has moved in and is now dominating the landscape with dangerous experiments and massive warehouses filled with stuff that would blow your mind. It’s got a feel to it that harks back to Destroy All Humans! and I’m all for it. Anything that provides a bit of government conspiracy in my games is okay with me.

The key to this trailer is of course, Site P. This seems to be the main focus of the new area, but there’s no shark that’s equipped to deal with the threat. That’s why we’re probably going to be spending most of our time exploring and earning new mutations. There will be new threats to combat here, and probably a chunk of alien technology to contend with. The thing is, these guys probably haven’t searched under the water to see what they’ve missed. That’s where players can take advantage and really transform their sharks into a force to be reckoned with.

Personally, I’m more excited about the new powers and cosmetics that we’re getting. These felt quite limited in the base game, and I hope that the developers have expanded upon them massively here. It’s not a deal-breaker if they haven’t, but I’d just like to have something more to play around with in the game and extend my play time.

So far, this expansion is looking great. I expect that there will be a price for the expansion on its own, but there could also be a new version that comes with the expansion and some bonus content. This game is so ripe for new skins and cosmetics that I’m surprised it hasn’t come out before now. We should know more soon because the expansion is due to launch on August 31, 2021. Not long to wait now at all.

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