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Battlefield 2042’s Bots Are A Game-Changer


DICE has revealed that there will be bots present in Battlefield 2042 for a few reasons, and it’s made the game playable for me. I wasn’t that excited about the prospect of a purely multiplayer shooter in the Battlefield franchise. The games are fantastic, but I’ve always been a sucker for a campaign and co-op modes. Now though, I’m sold on Battlefield 2042, and I think it’ll be the game that causes a huge new shift in the shooter genre. Bots might not sound like they do all that much, but let me explain how they’ve transformed my view of this game.

First, bots will be added to lobbies where 128 players don’t all make the cut. If there are any gaps, bots will be used to fill up the lobby and keep the match feeling as intense as possible. This isn’t something all shooters do, and it’s a real issue I’ve seen in battle royale games. If these multiplayer games don’t have enough players, the multiplayer matches feel awful because there’s a good chance you’ll never see anyone in the game. If the opposing players kill each other or die through some other means, you can with a match without seeing anyone.

However, bots do more than just this in Battlefield 2042. They’re used to allow for a solo and co-op mode. If players want to work together in a match, they’ll be placed in a game against bots. It’s the logical way to allow for any co-op experience and effectively adds a PvE mode to the game. This also applies to those players, like me, who just want to play by themselves. You can go into a match with just you and a bunch of bots, and it’s down to you to prove that you’re better than the computer.

This all makes Battlefield 2042 way more exciting to me. Multiplayer is great, but I love games where I don’t have to see another soul if I don’t want to. Allowing for players like me is the best thing EA and DICE could have done, and I’m excited to see what other features are coming in this game.

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