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Resistance Homefront Is A Tragically Lost Entry To The Series

Resistance: Burning Skies is the only PS Vita entry in the Resistance series. It wasn’t great, but it had some solid moments in it that I remember fondly. It’s also one of the few games that I’ve actually got the platinum trophy in, making it one of my favourites unconditionally. However, this game was once pitched as something very different, a title that had a bit more depth than the shooter we eventually got. It was called Resistance Homefront, and while it starred the same firefighter as the main character, the story was set to be the spark of the resistance in the Resistance franchise.

The original pitch, as reported by TechRaptor, saw players moving around the world saving people from this new and terrifying enemy. The more risk involved in a rescue, and the more you put your life on the line, the better the response from the people you saved. Some would run for cover and hide if you were too rough or selfish, while others would thank you and go on to join the Resistance if you showed bravery. This ties into how the Resistance in the game world is born. That group fighting against the Chimera as they conquer the world with their superior technology.

Unfortunately, Resistance has been pretty much killed as a franchise. Still, I like the idea that what is widely considered to be the worst game in the franchise was once a lot better. I believe in my heart that cuts were made due to Sony’s focus on multiplayer, which wasn’t good at all in Burning Skies. If the company had looked at the smaller aspects of this game, the way that you were shaping the resistance in these very early days, I think they’d have actually realised that this could have been a brilliant single-player experience.

I hope that one day the series is brought back from the dead. Resistance is a series that has been stunning to play across the PS3 era, it’s just sad that we never even got a remaster for PS4. You never know, there’s time for Sony to resurrect this beast, particularly with Insomniac Games now firmly under their belt.

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