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More Randomisation Hits Hitman 3 This Week


On August 5, Dartmoor Garden Show hits Hitman 3 with loads of new randomisation elements. This is a brand new mission, the first new one to be added to Hitman 3 since launch, and it’s going to be a permanent addition. It’s understandable that it’s taken so long for this to come along. Not only has IO Interactive been working through a pandemic, it’s also working on a new game or two, so Hitman 3 is officially on the back burner. However, I believe that the game will be better with more randomised content, so I’m really looking forward to this one.

As you can probably imagine from the name, Dartmoor Garden Show takes place on a revamped version of the Dartmoor map. It’s set during a garden show that sees loads of gardeners come to the location to show off their skills. There will be different themed gardens around the location, making for all sorts of new opportunities to kill people. The random element to this mission is that you get a new target for every time you attempt it. I think it’s meant to be a three-stage Escalation, but that may not be true. Regardless, your target will change every time just like in The Lust Assignation.

Once you’ve finished the Escalation, you can reset it and start it up in Deterministic Mode. This allows you to kill who you want, creating the contract for yourself as you go along. I like this, because it gives you control over the random elements, and makes for an interesting concept in a sort of choose your own adventure kind of way. As you should also expect, the mission is open for use in Contracts Mode. Players can create their own Contracts and send other players out to complete them. This is at the heart of why this addition will be so good.

With random elements, you can pretty much make a new mission every time, there’s no limit to the type of mission you can make like there is with every other Hitman location. While all of those have set NPCs and routes, this mission is completely random. There’s so much for you to do.

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