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The Heartbreaker In Hitman 3 Shows A Decent Leap Forward For Elusive Targets


The Heartbreaker is the latest Elusive Target in Hitman 3, and it’s actually quite impressive. With every season in the game we now get one new Elusive Target, and one recycled one. I personally reckon we should have all those old ones in the game permanently, but there we go. The Heartbreaker, however, was a new one. It’s set in Mendoza, and has enough variety in the changes on the location that you can get some pretty good kills in. While you can still start in a powerful location, shoot the target, and leave in a stupidly small amount of time, if you’re trying to challenge yourself, this is a great one.

I found a route that requires you to have basic starting gear because there’s no better challenge than getting a target without anything fancy. You follow the target after finding some evidence on how scummy they are, get rid of their entourage, and then poison them. The changes on the map make this difficult though. One big change is the fact that the white van relates to the target. The mission gives you no clues to this, so it’s something you can work out by yourself. It’s a lovely touch.

Second, there’s a new security checkpoint to get downstairs, and that threw me a bit. It’s where you need to go to poison the target, but without the right disguise and timing, you can totally miss your opportunity. Finally, there’s a new guard on the map at the easiest exit. This is clearly a show from the developer to make us all realise that they are watching what we do, and they want to make life harder for us. Luckily, my disguise worked on this exit, but I can imagine it messing up a lot of runs at the final hurdle.

I love what IO Interactive did with this Elusive Target. It’s a lot of small changes, but they add up to make a very satisfying mission. I think that IO Interactive has been struggling to find the right balance with these with so much of the team off working on something else. Now though, it looks like it’s got it all figured out and lined up.

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