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Where Is No Man’s Sky Expedition #3?

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky‘s Expeditions are absolutely superb. I’ve written before about how good they are and how engaging they make the game for the few weeks they’re live, but there’s a content drought now. In a game like No Man’s Sky, there’s an endless amount of content to explore, but without direction, it’s hard to feel like you can be bothered to get to any of it. The first two Expeditions gave us something to pursue, a reason to play long after we’d usually log off. They were community efforts, race-like events that made us all care about the game, but now it’s getting to be too long. We need Expedition #3, but it’s nowhere to be seen, so where is it?

It’s hard to be too mad at Hello Games for a lack of a third Expedition. There was a month between the first two, and they were both brilliant. I think the developer deserves to take a break, but I’m actually hoping for two more Expeditions in quick succession as a result. The third Expedition is probably in the works to be dropped either just before, or at the same time as the new update. It’s been ages since Prisms came out, so we’re due a new update.

Hello Games allowed the second anniversary of No Man’s Sky’s first major update to go by without ceremony. So many fans, including myself, expected at least a new Expedition on the date, but it’s now past that point. However, we are approaching the official anniversary of the launch of No Man’s Sky. The game launched on August 9, 2016. When August 9 hits, which is a Monday, we may well get ourselves a new update. It’s a bit of a weird one though. Mondays are terrible times to release games and updates because everyone has to wait until the weekend to play.

I reckon we’ll get something on August 9, but I’m also holding out hope that Expedition #3 starts on August 6, this weekend. It’ll make for a great build up to some community celebrations, and I’m sure Hello Games would be happy to see so many people playing around the anniversary date of this game.

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