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Hitman 3 Needs A Location That’s A Plane


Hitman 3 has some great locations, particularly if you bring Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 into the fold. However, there are some exceptions, such as the Carpathian Mountains train location. While I understand that Io Interactive is working with a limited number of developers on this game right now, I’d happily pay for a new expansion, providing it adds a plane location. I think that there’s a lot for Agent 47 to do on a plane, particularly the modern day giant airbuses that we get flying out to the Middle East. There’s a real opportunity to mix things up and create a confined yet diverse location with so many split-second chances for kills that it would be too much to miss.

I think this would work because there’s already a sort of example in the game. The ICA Facility from Hitman 2016 has The Final Test, which is a fake yacht location. While translating this into an airbus might require adding the airport, or at least a portion of the tarmac, into the game, I think it would still work. The mission could be timed. You’d have a certain amount of time to get to your target and kill them, otherwise the plane flies off and the mission is failed.

There could be all the normal story missions that work within this time limit, but I think most should push that limit to its edge. You need to feel like you’re about to fail if you don’t follow the steps quickly enough, with some of them accelerating the timer too. Then, the location could be open for Featured Contracts, Escalations, and user-created Contracts too. I think the community would go wild for a location where they can implement a huge list of tasks to get through a mission in the lick of time. You could even introduce new requirements, such as having to check-in on the plane, or needing to kill every target while sat in your assigned seat. This would make for all kinds of mad setups, and I think it would be exactly what Hitman 3 needs to push it beyond what it’s already achieved.

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