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Don’t Forget To Download Hitman 2 For Free This Month


I’ve just learned that Hitman 2 is free for PS4 as part of PlayStation Plus in September 2021. I can’t think of a better game to download for free, other than Hitman 3, and I’m really excited to see more people in Hitman 2’s locations again. For me, Hitman 2 was the golden age for this Hitman reboot trilogy. It launched with all the main missions in the game instead of as a seasonal pack over the course of months. It was packed with new content, but also allowed you to get into older locations with the new features that had been added. Just like Hitman 3 does with those older games, it revitalised the levels and made them into so much more.

Hitman 2 has a fantastic roster of locations. While some players might call them dull or boring, I think they’re all pretty top notch. Hitman 3 has one awful location in Carpathian Mountains, but Hitman 2’s are all winners. Even the opening location that’s quite limited is a brilliant one to start with. You enter a house from the beach and have so many opportunities for kills. I love it, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this game. I think the best location in it is probably the F1 racing location in Miami, since it’s packed with more NPCs than you’ll see in most open world games.

If you own Hitman 3 and don’t have Hitman 2, then this is the perfect combination for you. By downloading it, you’ll unlock all the locations for free in Hitman 3, allowing you to play them all without needing to wait for the free periods each month. This season, Hitman 3 is hosting a free period for Bangkok, but you don’t need to wait for that now. Bangkok is a location from Hitman 2, so you can absorb it into Hitman 3 and get some practice in before the Elusive Target drops. There honestly couldn’t be a better free game for PlayStation Plus users this month. Forget about the rest of the offerings in September, this is the game you need to play, and you’ll really, truly, and deeply regret it if you don’t.

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