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Is Hitman 2’s Expansion Pass Worth It?

Hitman 2 July Roadmap

Hitman 2 is currently free for PS4 with PlayStation Plus, but you only get the base game. There’s an expansion pass for the game that contained quite a lot of content, but because I own the gold edition, I’ve never had to think about whether this is worth buying or not. I think that there’s a lot to be said for the additional content Io Interactive has added for free to every game in the Hitman reboot trilogy. However, I also think that the premium content the company has produced is phenomenal, and I’m going to try to explain why here.

The expansion pass for Hitman 2 gets you two new locations, making for a total of eight. That in itself is pretty damn impressive. Suddenly, you’ve got two new locations to play through, and one of them is a fan favourite. The first is a New York bank in which you’ll be breaking in to steal and kill, the perfect setting for Agent 47. The second is a beach resort that’s packed with activities and opportunities. I honestly think it’s one of the best Hitman levels ever, and you’ll never get to play it if you don’t buy the expansion pass.

Something I didn’t realise until recently is that the expansion pass also packs in a new side story for almost every location. These are special assignments that revamped the location and give you new targets to kill with brand new opportunities to take advantage of. they’re almost akin to Dartmoor Garden Show, but I think they’re a bit more advanced since they’re packed with a little bit more content. However, I like that there’s an Escalation element to Dartmoor Garden Show, so it really depends on what you want from the game.

Finally, there’s the plethora of extra Contracts, suits, weapons, and Escalations you can enjoy from Hitman 2’s locations. These are all there, but the expansion pass has a few that you might not know about. As with Hitman 3, they’ve got special items as rewards, so they’re worth going for if you’re really into your Hitman content. I just love that you can bring all of this into Hitman 3, because it makes the game feel so much fuller.

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