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Marvel’s Wolverine Will Be A Full-Sized And Mature Marvel Game

After being revealed last week, one of the developers on Marvel’s Wolverine has spoken out about a little of what we can expect from the game. The two things they’ve outlined are that the game will be a full-sized and fully realised adventure, and that it will be mature. I’m so relieved to hear that Wolverine will be getting a mature game, one in which we can fully explore his darker side, because there isn’t another side to him if I’m honest. It’s also pretty great that this game will be a big, full-budget entry, because anything less would feel like a cheap imitation.

It’s hard to read into this too much because there’s so much we don’t know. Based on Marvel’s Spider-Man, we could easily assume that this will be an open-world game. However, I think that’s a dangerous assumption to make. Wolverine isn’t that fast, he’s on foot after all, so a huge open-world doesn’t work for him unless the game gives him a specific mode of transport. There are a few things that could fit in here, but I think the only appropriate one is a beaten up car. In some ways, this might tie into the Logan film, in which Wolverine is suppressing his abilities and trying to stay as under the reader as possible.

The mature tone would also fit with the Logan film, but I think it’s too subdued for a Wolverine game. Instead, I think we need a coming of age story that shows Wolverine finally filling out his powers. He needs to accept them and become the Wolverine instead of moving on all the time and hiding from what he is. Wolverine is also already pretty old, so it’s easy for this game to be pretty damn mature, he’s going to be over 100 after all. I’m excited to see what this full size game looks like. It could work in so many ways, but I want to see what Insomniac Games’ vision for it is. We won’t know anything more until a trailer or something else is released, but I’m happy that the title is in good hands.

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