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Will Marvel’s Wolverine Feature The X-Men?

Now that it’s been revealed, I can’t stop thinking about how good Marvel’s Wolverine could be. The one thing I keep getting hung up on is the story though. Of course, this should be a Wolverine focused story, but it’s hard to make a Wolverine story without involving at least a few of the X-Men. After all, the guy is from that universe, and many of his friends are mutants, so you inadvertently fall into X-Men territory around just about every corner. My question is how in-depth with the X-Men’s involvement in the story be.

The way I see it, we could get one of three X-Men story tie-ins. First, Wolverine’s exploration of his past with Professor X. It’s Professor X who helps Wolverine to uncover his past and finally understand where he came from and who he is. This is a vital part of all Wolverine stories, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the game. In fact, the game could start just after Wolverine regains his memories, becoming a new person in a world that truly hates him.

The second way the X-Men could come into the game is through a main story, such as Apocalypse. This way, Wolverine would be teaming up with the entire X-Men roster to take a big bad down, but that’s not exactly a Wolverine story. This is where the lines could get blurred, and I don’t think that would be good for a Wolverine game. Instead, we’d need to focus purely on something Wolverine does to help the X-Men within that storyline.

Finally, we could be thrown into the future and have the world turned upside down. There’s an awesome dystopian future in the X-Men universe that sees mutants hunted by colossal machines. I think this could be a great setting for the Wolverine game, particularly if humans are still around as well. However, it may not be the best fit for a debut game. Maybe there could be some sort of side story that sees players follow a story in this time period whilst also exploring a modern day one that leads to it.