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Hitman 3’s Featured Contracts From Screen Rant Are Brilliant


A couple of weeks ago, Screen Rant made three Featured Contracts for Hitman 3. I have to say that there are without a doubt the toughest ones I’ve had to play through in recent memory for a Silent Assassin rank. The first two definitely weren’t as difficult as the third, but the overall story that’s been built here with the trio of Featured Contracts build up from simply to challenging so well that it feels more like an Escalation than a set of user-created Contracts. If you’ve not played them yet, you really need to, because they’re better than some missions Io Interactive has reelased.

When it comes to Escalations, Io Interactive is extremely hit and miss. Some of them are brilliant, giving you three stages to work through that push you to your limits. Others though, they’re just rubbish. There’s no challenge to them, and they feel as though they’ve been put together to tick the box of having an Escalation rather than anyone putting effort in to create a challenging mission. I love most of them, but there are definitely those that could have done with more time.

Screen Rant’s Featured Contracts feel like an Escalation across three missions, which is what an Escalation is at heart really. The first one sees you killing a single, pretty easy to find, target. The second one has a couple of other stipulations, but it’s not massively challenging still. The last one has more targets, and they’re all in very hard locations to kill without being noticed. It pushes your map knowledge to its limit, and even your limit as Agent 47. I banged my head against this one for over a week, and when I finally go the Silent Assassin rating with all objectives complete, I was exhausted.

Hitman 3 needs more Featured Contracts like this, because they mix the game up and make it feel much more enjoyable. I’ve had a blast working through them, and I encourage you to do the same. There’s a content drought in Hitman 3 right now, there’s no doubt of that, but these missions are going a long way to helping fill that void.

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