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Deathloop’s Ending Doesn’t Feel Satisfying


I recently finished Deathloop for the first time, and I’m pretty disappointed by the ending. If you haven’t finished the game, then you should take this as a spoiler warning that I’m going to go into detail about it. Don’t try to read between the lines, I’m going to spoil it in all the gory details. Once you’ve killed all seven Visionaries in the world of Blackreef and have made your way to Julianna, you’re left with a choice. You can do one of two things, and neither of them seems to be the satisfying conclusion that I was looking for. I wanted to write this to see if anyone else got the same feeling and could identify with me.

There’s only one thing to do at the end of Deathloop. You’ve fought your way through the Visionaries and have come out on top. You’ve figured out how to get them all into the right places at the right times so you can kill them all in a single day. That’s no easy feat, so well done you for doing that. You’ve also figured out the RAK, the device that gets you to Julianna. Finally, you also know that you and Julianna need to die if you want the world of Blackreef to stop endlessly looping. When you get to it though, it’s woefully underwhelming.

I went with the choice not to kill Julianna. All this means is that I didn’t shoot her, just to see what happens. Nothing happens. You both end up waking up on the beach again and the pair have a better relationship in this outcome for some reason. There’s no explanation of why time continues to loop, what mechanism is causing it, or why you lose your Slab as you enter the place Julianna is holed up. All you know is that the two finally have some sort of closure and father and daughter and get to play around with each other for a while. If that’s all there is to this, then I can accept that, but I thought there would be something better at the end of that arduous journey, and there just isn’t.

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