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Is Deathloop’s Ending All About The People?


As you may know by know if you read this site a bit, I have finished Deathloop and I didn’t like the ending. It feels stunted, like there was a bigger vision for something on the scale of BioShock Infinite, but for whatever reason it was culled into a much smaller scene that doesn’t make much sense unless you think about it. I have been thinking about it, and while I’d love some more sci-fi stuff to help me understand the loop and whatever the heck is going on, I’m also pretty happy with what I’ve found.

If you don’t kill Julianna, she and Colt wake up on the beach together. They spend their days playing around as father and daughter, endlessly repeating the same stuff over and over again while exploiting the benefits of the loop. They can jump from cliffs together, go on a murder rampage, have actual gunfights, and it’s all fine because they’ll wake up the next day as the same people, together. This is, in a way, the dream of all dads. You want your daughter to be yours forever, and Julianna is in this endlessly repeating moment.

Colt is protecting Julianna from any harm the world could do her because the day just repeats. She doesn’t want the normal existence that at some point he wanted for her. Instead, he’s happy to let her live out this life of play. I have a daughter, and I’d love for her to play around and be my little girl forever. In a way, I envy Colt, but I also realise that there’s a need for Julianna to grow up, get away, and have her own life. Maybe that’s the point of the alternative ending that I haven’t seen yet. I don’t know.

The bottom line is that Deathloop’s ending is actually good if you look at the people. Think about Colt and Julainna. They’ve found peace and happiness in some form, and that’s all that matters. Sure, the world could have ended around them, but for all they care, they’re experiencing the best days of their lives forever, and there’s no real harm in that.

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