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Deathloop’s Secret Bunker Is Incredible


In Fristad Rock in Deathloop, there’s a locked door with a doorbell and a speaker. You can get into the room behind the door by moving down the shore and sneaking in through a vent. This reveals a secret bunker that’s filled with lore about the world of Blackreef. I’ve recently been exploring everything that’s linked to this bunker, and it’s given me shivers to think about the implications it has on the wider universe. If you find this bunker, I implore you to follow the threads and find the secrets yourself, because they’re so cool. I’m going to cover them next though, so be warned of the spoilers ahead.

The bunker reveals that a group of spies were monitoring the Visionaries of Blackreef long before they started the loop. Colt is part of this group, but he’s also a Visionary, so it seems like he’s an undercover agent. At some point though, he’s forgotten who he is, but that makes sense given that he’s a man out of time, having arrived in a plane that was part of the war. When he does finally get involved, the spies are there with him, figuring everything out.

There’s a point in this story at which the spies had everything planned out. They knew how to kill all the Visionaries within a single day. This feels like something that a speedrunner might use because it has loads of codes that you need too. The spies knew it all, but they also grew tired of their work. In the end, they assimilated into the loop, as Colt seemingly did. The real big reveal has nothing to do with Deathloop though, or very little at least.

There’s a recording of a song from Dishonored 2 in this bunker. It makes it seem like it’s possible for the two worlds to be connected. In truth, there’s nothing to say that they aren’t. The magic of The Outsider could have been lost to time, but in Deathloop, someone has tapped into the Void to make the loop possible. I’d even go as far as saying that Slabs are part of that world, and that the whole thing leads to Prey eventually. We’ll have to wait to see what the developers say about this in the future.

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