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Don’t Get Too Excited About Ghost Recon Frontline


Ubisoft revealed Ghost Recon Frontline a couple of weeks ago, and then, shortly after, delayed it. I think that we need to nip this in the bud right now and stop being excited about the game until there’s something more concrete for us to look at. Ubisoft isn’t a good company. Sure, there are developers there making amazing games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and I love them for that. But the company has too many issues with both things like this in announcing games, as well as the way it treats its employees. Until both issues are sorted, just give Ubisoft its space when you see a new game announcement.

Ghost Recon Frontline is exactly what Ubisoft wanted Ghost Recon: Breakpoint to be. A free-to-play Ghost Recon experience that can launch once and continue to be supported for years. Destiny 2 is a proven working model for how to treat players and how to make a success of a free-to-play game. Add in enough free content each month, and you’ll attract all the right players who want to spend money on battle passes and cosmetics, which Ubisoft is great at putting into games.

However, Ubisoft has an issue with overstepping and revealing games way too early. It’s something that EA used to do, and it’s ultimately what killed Anthem. This whole situation has Ubisoft executive interference written all over it. Someone higher up has seen that Ghost Recon as a brand is weak, pulling in too little to be viable. That’s why a new release is needed, something to boost the numbers on the bottom line. The issue is, by revealing what must have been a work in progress concept, Ubisoft has killed its game before it’s even out.

No one likes the idea of free-to-play games, and no one in the Ghost Recon community wants a free-to-play game, but they’re so desperate for content that they’ll probably play it. I really feel for those who work on these titles, because they’ve got so much potential, there’s just too much interference from above getting in the way of a good game actually coming out of the doors.

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