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Hitman 3’s Season Of Envy Featured Contracts Have Been Great So Far


Hitman 3 Season of Envy has been brilliant so far. While the Escalation left a little to be desired, the Featured Contracts are the best I’ve played. That’s all down to the fact that Io Interactive developers made them, at least in my opinion. These are Featured Contracts that have been built by people who know Hitman 3 better than anyone else, and I’m sure there was some sort of internal competition to make the best one, so we’re only seeing the absolute best out of everything that was created. They each feel like they’ve had more effort put into them than any user-generated Contract in the game, and that’s made this the best season yet for Featured Contracts.

If you’re not aware, Featured Contracts are dropped in batches of three twice per season. they usually follow the theme of the season, so this season it’s been Envy. There’s one in which you have to kill five people who have shunned you, and another in which you’re killing the only bald people in the entire location. The story of them is great, but the execution is also exceptional. Each one requires in-depth map knowledge, and I’m sure that it would be almost impossible for me if they were set in maps from previous games, because I don’t have the map knowledge required for Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 maps.

The one that sticks out for me is the Follicle Paradox. You have to poison a guard in your suit, then move on to kill another bald NOC with a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle requirement makes the whole Contract much harder from the start, as does the single suit requirement. However, all of that just makes the Contract much more fun to play. I think that as game designers, Io Interactive staff just know better how to make these Contracts, and I’d like to see a batch from them each month. I still see the value in those created by the community, but game developers know how to make something that’s fun to play, so we should definitely hand this task off to them at least once per season.

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