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Sherlock’s Mind Palace Isn’t Always Right In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

One of the most iconic pieces of Sherlock Holmes lore is the mind palace. Frogwares has already made use of this in past games, and it’s coming back for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. However, while this is a place for Sherlock to store and categorise his thoughts and discoveries about his investigations, it’s also somewhere that he can make incorrect decisions based on his impulsive behaviour or simply the fact that he’s still relatively new to being a crime investigator. After all, he’s only 21, and far from an expert on crime, let alone people.

There are two ways in which you can mess up an investigation in the mind palace. The first is with the clues you uncover. Obviously, in some cases, you’re going to come across lies and the truth, but it’s down to you to identify the most probable series of events and piece them together. Sometimes, this is going to fit with a lie, and that will throw your investigation in a wild new direction. That’s why it’s important to see all of your leads through before accusing someone. If you don’t, you could miss something vital that would have helped you with another line of inquiry.

The second way in which you’ll screw up with the mind palace is your assumptions about the people around the island. If you make assumptions and don’t check them up, then you could end up with a completely different line of events that doesn’t match up with reality. This is where the game can get dangerous, putting Sherlock in danger himself, or putting someone behind bars who doesn’t belong there. There’s also the fact that the true criminal will still be free, and Sherlock might be their next target if they feel threatened.

I can’t wait to mess up each investigation in this game. There’s something so satisfying about taking your time and figuring it all out for yourself, but part of that is making mistakes. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually, but the journey is what makes the idea of playing this latest entry in the series so interesting.