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Resident Evil 4 VR Sounds Like It’s Incredible


I’m writing this on the day that the reviews for Resident Evil 4 VR came out, which is why it might seem a little bit out of date. However, I think that a good old fashioned analysis of what reviews are saying never really goes out of style, which is why I’m still putting it out. I’m also a huge fan of Resident Evil 4 in general, having owned more versions of it than I care to admit. The game is one of those titles that never ages, and even the awkward versions that you can uncover today still look incredible, even if they’re terrible.

The crux of what every review seems to be saying is that this is the better version of the Wii port of Resident Evil 4. That’s not to say that it’s still third-person, because this is very much a first-person game, but it’s that kind of revolution all over again. When the Wii version of Resident Evil launched, it felt like a completely new title. This was all thanks to the way you could aim with the Wii remote, something Nintendo fans had been doing in shooters on the platform for years. Resident Evil 4 showed what was truly possible on that console, even if the game didn’t necessarily look that fantastic.

Now, with the VR version, you get to take the slick gameplay of Half-Life: Alyx and transfer it into the best Resident Evil game of all time. You’re Leon S Kennedy, up close and personal. You’re holding every weapon, killing every boss and enemy as they get way too close and scare the heck out of you. This is what Resident Evil has been striving for ever since the demo for Resident Evil 7 launched, giving us our first glimpse of first-person horror in that universe.

While it’s clear that Half-Life: Alyx is a game that’s worth buying an Oculus Quest for, this is the second game that’s worthy of that title. I’ve never been more tempted to spend all my cash and pick up a device that will only work with a select few games. I hope that you’ve all been enjoying it as much as you can too.

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