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We All Need To Calm Down About Abandoned


Abandoned is a game that’s being developed by Blue Box Game Studios, and we all need to stop anticipating it so much. It’s reached the point now that the developer is getting death threats both online and in person, and that’s never okay. Games are inclusive and they’re meant to be fun. If I were the developer, I’d drop the project entirely with this sort of behaviour, but it’s sticking things out to get this vision that it has into the hands of fans who are happy to wait. Even to those who aren’t happy to wait but will have to anyway.

Abandoned looks like a survival horror game, but it’s being slated as a survival game. In it, players will be fighting against the elements to stay alive in a harsh environment whilst also being hunted by a cult that they’ve just escaped from. It sounds like the horror will come naturally, like it does in Sir, You’re Being Hunted, but the game hasn’t been designed to give that sort of experience at its core. Instead, this is about surviving against all odds. The one thing that it sounds like it definitely isn’t is a Silent Hill game, which is what is at the heart of all the death threats the developer is getting.

There are some legitimate reasons that people think Abandoned might be a Silent Hill game, and some completely bonkers ones. The developer certainly hasn’t done anything to help these rumours, at least in the beginning, but now it’s actively trying to get away from them. I think that if you still think it’s a Silent Hill game, you should keep it to yourself. Leave the developer alone and stop making so much of a fuss over this. The more fuss you make, the more fuss the extremists making death threats will make.

Games are supposed to be fun, even for those making them. There’s a vision behind this game, even if it does end up being a Silent Hill entry. It’s no ones place to make death threats over something like this, so we all need to calm down and let Blue Box Game Studios do their thing.

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