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Discovery Tour: Viking Age Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


Recently, Ubisoft released Discovery Tour: Viking Age for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is a combat-free experience in the game that allows you to explore the time period without the constant danger of being murdered by wildlife or the locals. It’s a really nice way to play, and highlights just how good each of these Discovery Tours are in the wake of such a big and successful open world RPG title. There’s still so much going on in the Discovery Tour despite most of the content being condensed into eight replayable episodes. If you loved the base game, this is the perfect excuse to get yourself back into it.

Each of the eight episodes in Discovery Tour: Viking Age takes you on a small and quite short journey through Saxon England. You’ll be acting as a monk learning about the different times of day to pray, taking the role of an entrepreneur who moves from Norway to England, and even get to explore the afterlife a little bit. This portion of the game definitely isn’t a passion project for those who want to make enjoyable gameplay experiences, but it is for those who want to make learning fun.

I remember hearing about teachers in the US using Assassin’s Creed 3 to teach their classes about American history. I thought that was so cool, but obviously, some concessions had to be made because of the gameplay experience. With the Discovery Tours though, learning is both front and centre and enjoyable. It’s exactly what learning experts try to get right in massive corporations, but Ubisoft does have the advantage that this is a game using an incredibly polished engine.

I know that Ubisoft is a terrible company that doesn’t treat its staff right. This is a serious issue that we all need to address, but boycotting the games won’t help. If anything, it’ll hinder the efforts going on inside the company that may one day lead to meaningful change. If the people making these games, who are the people being abused by Ubisoft, don’t see people playing their games, they could leave the industry altogether and move on to something else. I’d feel terrible if I made someone do that when the Discovery Tour is this good.

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