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Why We Need More Support For Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Ubisoft recently released the Operation Motherland update for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This is an update that basically adds a new campaign to play through, with a new enemy force that’s overtaken the island, and a new reason to return and replay everything you’ve already seen. It’s a very simple update in some ways, but in others, it’s extremely complex. It totally changes how you approach the game, what your priorities are, and makes you question your experience as a ghost. I really love this update, and I want to see the game get at least one more next year. This is why.

Operation Motherland managed to completely revitalise the player base in Ghost Recon Breakpoint by adding a new army of enemies, a new way to play, and opened up the map for you to do what you want once again. The game feels so much less linear in this mode, and I really think it’s great. It’s not just me though, all players have had a great time while playing this. The game feels totally different with these new enemies, and that’s a big part of why so many people keep coming back to it.

Ubisoft would be mad not to build a new Ghost Recon game, but Frontline has been delayed, and will probably be delayed again. There’s no harm in giving players more of this core single player experience in the Ghost Recon universe. After all, the games started out as single player experience, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t stay that way. More content for players to work through is more engagement in the universe, and potentially more sales for a legacy title. The free-to-play model isn’t for everyone, and that will become apparent very quickly when Frontline launches.

Ubisoft definitely has it in it to make another big update like this for 2022. It doesn’t need to be any more advanced than Operation Motherland. Give us a new army to fight, a new advancement in the story, and something to make it feel special as the Optical Camo has with this update. What seems like simple additions on the surface have totally revitalised this game. Imagine what a bigger update would do for it.

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