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The DC Super-Villains Season Starts Today In Hot Wheels Unleashed


Today, the first season starts in Hot Wheels Unleashed. It’s the DC super-villains season and, as you can probably guess, is all about those super-villains coming to the game. We haven’t been told exactly what’s coming, and I’m still waiting to see what a season looks like in this game, but we do know that this is all about DC super-villains. From what I can see, specifically Batman ones. There are going to be new tracks to take one and what are being called new challenges, so my gut tells me that we’ll get an expansion to the main campaign board. That, or this will be an entirely new campaign all on its own.

Hot Wheels Unleased is an interesting game. It’s got enough going on that it doesn’t necessarily need a seasonal model, but once you’ve based through all the content, it does need something else to keep you occupied. This first season being themed around DC super-villains is a stroke of genius. If there are challenges and even a battle pass to work through, I can see every single player returning just to take it on. Part of the charm of this game is the lack of pressure to own all the cars, unless you put that pressure on yourself.

Shortly after the launch of today’s season, we’re getting a Batman expansion. I have no doubt that the new expansion will tie into this season and give players yet more reasons to come back and earn more content. I think that there’s something special about the way this game draws you back in. There isn’t the same pressure that other games have, making you feel like you’re missing out. Instead, you feel like you’re part of a community, one that is steadily growing and just getting on with things.

If you haven’t tried Hot Wheels Unleashed yet, I thoroughly encourage you to give it a go. This first season will be a good example of what’s to come, and I only have high expectations when it comes to additional content in the game. There will probably also be some free cars to grab, so get in here and get them.

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