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Will There Ever Be Another Single Player Ghost Recon Game?


Ubisoft seems to be trying to kill Ghost Recon. The game franchise began as a single player affair but quickly became something so much more Ghost Recon Wildlands is hailed as a triumph, but Breakpoint is where things went bad. Ubisoft tried to make it another game-as-a-service that players spend money on season passes and currency packs for. While some might have, most of us hated the fact that it went this way. Now, it has me wondering if we’ll ever get another single player Ghost Recon game again. I’d still count Breakpoint as such because you can play it solo by choice, while the upcoming Frontline is a purely multiplayer affair.

The beauty of single player Ghost Recon is that you truly feel like a ghost. You have to go in behind enemy lines and make your actions count to free a people that’s being oppressed by a superior military force. As it is now, Breakpoint is a superb example of this. You can tweak the difficulties and other world settings to make everything feel like it’s out to get you, and when you succeed it’s that much sweeter because of it. I honestly think that Breakpoint is now the peak for the franchise but we need another entry.

The Operation Motherland update was fantastic. It’s added a while new reason to play, and most of us are happy with what we’ve got. At the end of the day though, Ubisoft wants recurrent income from these games, so we’re probably only going to get a multiplayer version in Frontline. It’s stupid really, because the company makes so much cash from Assassin’s Creed. That’s a single player game in which you spend money on season passes, and it always makes loads of money.

I think that if Ubisoft can bring itself to launch another single player Ghost Recon, it would be fantastic. It’s what the fan base wants, a more immersive experience that can’t be diluted by other players, unless you want it to be. Remove the games-as-a-service stuff and give us guaranteed content for a season pass price. I’ll pay it, and I know everyone else who loves the series would too.

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