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Are Hitman 3 Elusive Targets Revisited A Teaser For The Elusive Target Arcade?

Hitman 3

Io Interactive has revealed the winter roadmap for Hitman 3. This is basically a new season, but it’s completely separate from the Seasons of Sin collection. I’m really happy that we’ve got something to work through this winter, because it looked very much like Io Interactive was going to let Hitman 3 die. However, we now know that’s not the case, and there’s so much for us to look forward to this season. One of the best things I’ve seen is the fact that all the Elusive Targets from Hitman 3 locations are being revisited one after the other. Each appears for a few days, then the game moves onto the next one. It’s the perfect opportunity to take down these targets all over again, but I think it’s also a bit more than that.

You see, Hitman 3 Year Two will bring something called Elusive Target Arcade to the game. We don’t know what this looks like, but I think that Io Interactive is showing us without saying anything. The way that Elusive Targets are returning to the game now, one after the other, that’s how I think the Elusive Target Arcade will work. It makes sense in so many ways, because this is what all Hitman 3 players want. Elusive Targets present you with a slight variation on a well known location and task you with killing a target you can’t practice that much before you have to kill them.

My hope is that the reason we’re getting all these Elusive Targets now is that the Arcade will be the exact same thing. The system has been built, and it’s just going to continue working from 2022 onwards. The only danger is that some of the Elusive Targets will have to be pulled from other locations, some that Hitman 3 owners won’t have. That’s a problem for those who don’t want to have to purchase two more full games just to get every Elusive Target.

The only way this will work is if Io Interactive makes Elusive Targets available for all Hitman 3 players, regardless of location. It might be difficult, but every Hitman location is installed alongside Hitman 3 anyway, so it won’t be that much of a push to make this work.