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Will There Ever Be New Christmas Content For Hitman 3?

Hitman 3

The Hitman 3 winter roadmap for 2021 is pretty damn great. It’s got all the stuff you’d expect, Featured Contracts, Elusive Targets, and some new stuff too. However, the new stuff is older Christmas content for the game. Holiday Hoarders is the first ever Christmas mission in the game, set in the very first location in Hitman 2016, Paris. The second new piece of content is the Hokkaido Snow Festival, which is more rehashed content from an old location. I know it’s so much better than nothing, and it’s all new to a player who has only ever experience Hitman 3, but for the veterans, it’s not exactly new.

Io Interactive knows that it’s onto a good thing with Hitman 3. That’s why it’s working so hard on Hitman 3 Year Two. However, players need something new for Christmas 2022, otherwise the pool is going to be particularly dry. Reusing the same content each year will wear thin pretty fast, so I reckon we need something new for Hitman 3 when it comes to next Christmas. I don’t have many suggestions, and I’m sure Io Interactive could come up with something great, but I do believe that if the effort isn’t put in now, the game will suffer in a year’s time.

One location that would be interesting to see at Christmas is Marrakech. You could change so much, and it wouldn’t even need to be themed around Christmas. It could be themed on any religious holiday, and I honestly believe it would make the game better if. we got to play during Diwali or something like that. There are so many cultures that could be experienced through Hitman 3, it would be a shame to push them to the side in favour of the most well known and commercial holiday of all.

I have some extremely high hopes for Hitman 3 in Christmas 2022. There’s so much potential in this game, the developer just needs to push itself that much harder to make the entirety of Hitman 3 Year Two exceptional. The players are here for it, we just need something to work towards to keep our interest piqued and our adrenaline high.