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Farming Simulator 22 Is Super Relaxing

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Farming Simulator 22 lately, and I’m really enjoying myself. The game is packed with various farming activities to do, all of which require some level of precision, and a heap of knowledge. However, everything is right there in the game for you to find if you just look up the tips, and that’s all you really need. From there, you can set about your farming journey on any difficulty level and start enjoying yourself as if you’re a real farmer out in the fields almost every day.

The key to what makes this game so good is that it’s incredibly relaxing to play. It’s built to allow you to do things at your own pace, though there is a day/night cycle that advances time. As long as you get everything you need to done in a day, you can advance time and see how things look in a month or so. It’s got the perfect balance of speeding you through the process of farming without actually making you feel as though there’s any time pressure. It’s a weird mix of relaxing and stressful but the only stress comes from not understanding things, and you can figure that out with the help of the community if you get really stuck at any point.

Every time I sit down to play this game, I feel relaxed. There’s something about the monotony of plowing a field or harvesting it that makes my stress melt away. There’s nothing to worry about, just you and the farm. Even animals aren’t that bad. They mostly get on with their own thing, and all you need to worry about is feeding them and selling them. The game is a microcosm of what it must be like to be a real farmer, but it makes me long for that sort of lifestyle for some reason. I’ve never met a farmer who is as relaxed as I feel while playing the game though, so I think there’s definitely a disconnect there. Regardless, if you want a nice relaxing experience, this is the one you need to get into your life so you can feel some zen.

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