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Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade Needs To Allow Repeat Attempts

Hitman 3

Io Interactive has really messed things up during the Winter Season for Hitman 3, at least as far as Elusive Targets are concerned. The Elusive Targets Revisited feature sounded as if it would give all players the chance to retry every Elusive Target form Hitman 3’s locations. In reality, you can only take them on if you missed out on them the first time around. It’s a total joke, and one that the Hitman 3 community did not find very funny. I’ve seen players going on about this everywhere, and it’s starting to wear very thin. While the whole thing is basically done now, because it’s not like Io Interactive will go back on its decision and change how Elusive Targets work, it shows a big part of what Elusive Target Arcade needs to do in Hitman 3 Year Two.

As far as I’m concerned, any arcade mode is something that allows you to repeat a mission or story over and over. There’s no limit. This goes against what Elusive Targets are, so the Elusive Target Arcade needs to do something different. Instead of preventing us from replaying Elusive Targets, we need to be able to replay them. Sure, this goes against the fundamentals of what an Elusive Target is, but I honestly don’t think the feature will work without replayability.

At the very least, Elusive Target Arcade needs to have a huge roster of Elusive Targets to take on, potentially limitless ones with a randomised element. This would allow you to jump in and take on Elusive Targets again and again without having to wait for ten days for a new one to come along. It’s the only way I can see the feature working, because having to wait for days on end won’t make anyone enjoy themselves. This feature is a big selling point of Hitman 3 Year Two, and if the developers mess it up now, the game is done for. I truly hope that Elusive Target Aracde has this replayability built in, because if it doesn’t it’ll be the worst start to Hitman 3 Year Two that anyone could imagine in their wildest dreams.