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Are You Replaying No Man’s Sky Expedition 3: Cartographers Yet?

No Man's Sky

Right now, you could be replaying No Man’s Sky Expedition 3: Cartographers. This is the Expedition that really got me into No Man’s Sky again this year, and it’s one that I highly recommend to players that are looking for a serious challenge and serious reward. This Expedition differs massively from the last two because it’s more focused on getting your ship up and running on an extreme planet. From there, you’ve really got to work hard if you want to complete the Expedition, making it feel like much more of a raid in an MMO than anything else, and that’s why I love it so much.

This Expedition, as I’ve mentioned is way more focused than the last two. Your task is to get a ship up and running on an extremely toxic planet. This ship is very advanced, and if you do manage to get it off of the ground, you’ll be able to use it in the save file forever once the Expedition is over. I’d say it’s worth it for anyone that wants to have a super powerful ship in their game just in case, but it’s a great little activity to go over regardless. I really can’t think of a better Expedition for those who love the grind of an MMO.

No Man’s Sky’s revisited Expeditions have been great towards the end of the year so far. I’ve really loved working through the first two again, and now we’ve got this third one to go through again as well. I think it’s great for players to be able to go back in and relive the moments that made No Man’s Sky so epic this year. Regardless of how many updates the game gets each year, these are the points at which it really feels like it’s alive.

Very few MMOs have moments that draw in the entire community for a couple of weeks. I love that No Man’s Sky now has these, and getting them every year will be a real treat moving forward. I’ve got a feeling that 2022 is going to be a crazy year for Expeditions, but we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how crazy things get.

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