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It’s Great To See Hot Wheels Unleashed Selling So Well

Hot Wheels Unleashed is an incredible game, at least in my opinion. I’ve been playing the ever-loving crap out of it since it launched a few months ago. Recently, it was revealed that the game is Milestone’s fastest-selling ever, and has hit more than 1 million units sold. This doesn’t surprise me, because I know that the game has so much going for it. There’s a lot to love in this title, and I’m excited that it’s doing so well. The main reason for that is that games that sell well get sequels and support, and I can’t wait to see the new support that comes through for Hot Wheels Unleashed.

There are three core pillars to the Hot Wheels Unleashed experience. First is the main campaign. This gets you used to the game and gives you a few challenges to really test your racing prowess. I’m ashamed to say that I’m still struggling with the Unleashed goals in this campaign, but it’s a great reason to keep coming back to it.

The second reason is the collection you’re slowly building in the background. After all, Hot Wheels is about collecting cars, and so too is Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Finally, there’s the user-generated content. You can build your own tracks, share them online, race in those you and others have made, and you can make your own liveries. There really is an endless amount of content in the game if you’re willing to look for it.

All of this is only enhanced by the constant updates the game gets. There are always new cars being added, new pieces of track to build with, and more content in general to get stuck into. Recently, the Batman Expansion added a whole new incredibly difficult campaign to master. I’ve not even finished it because I’m so bad at the game, but it’s all still there waiting for me while I play. I can’t wait to see what Milestone does with Hot Wheels Unleashed in the future. The game is the perfect blueprint to build on for years to come, and I think that hitting this milestone so early on in the game’s life will only extend the planned support for it.

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