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How eSports Sponsorships Have Become Lucrative


There may be no commodity that has continuously garnered a more abrupt rise in popularity than eSports events, with fans and regular viewers of the prosperous sector now often being treated to a plethora of marketing campaigns which continue to frequently appear throughout the broadcasting of all major competitions.

Whether you’re a fan of video game titles or not, it is very hard to dispute the fact that competitive gaming events (otherwise known as eSports) are amongst the most highly popular broadcasts for all fans of the technological sector and now within the sporting industry.

Fans of major gaming releases can now regularly tune into events featuring the very best gamers on the planet across a near daily basis as well as being able to venture at the latest eSports betting offers that are predominantly featured on 888 Sport.

Alongside its recent exploits to sports betting firms, eSports events have now gained the attention of a variety of popular chains and companies that has opened up major assets for commercialism during all future events.

Popular brands such as Red Bull, Intel, Pepsi and Honda have all staked their interests in sponsoring some of the top eSports events which has arguably made this circuit one of the most highly lucrative out of all majorly developing sectors featured in the leisure industry.

How have sponsorships made eSports events so lucrative?

Many casual fans who may not take up a massive interest in eSports maybe truly unaware of the sheer quantity of worth that this sector has generated over the past decade, with some individual players and teams now being worth well over $10 million for their services at any annual event.

Many fans may be aware of teams such as FaZe Clan and Optic, which these being two major teams within the Call of Duty community, yet it may come as a surprise for some to note that they do not even crack the top three of the most expensive teams in professional gaming.

(Major Finals | @AtlantaFaZe vs @NYSubliners | Major V Monster Match Up | Day 4)

FaZe is worth in the region of $400 million as they predominantly feature in various other titles besides just COD, yet ahead of the coveted clan resides the CS:GO and League of Legends rosters at Team Liquid who are worth around $440 million.

The top two most valuable eSports teams include 100 Thieves at $460 million and at a staggering $540 million stands TSM who remain the most prestigious eSporting squad on the planet today.

While eSports events do garner their own fair share of popularity and widespread attention from fans and media members, the amount of commercial opportunities and partnerships that many teams and individuals have signed up to in recent years have greatly contributed towards this sudden surge of wealth that is now present across the entirety of eSports events.

Sponsorships with major companies have continuously opened up numerous opportunities with some of the top brands featured on the planet today, which has greatly increased the overall viability that is now present in a majority of eSports events that are featured on a frequent basis.

  • What are the largest sponsorship deals in eSports today:

The most notable brand that remains highly active in a variety of eSports events is the renowned energy drink firm Red Bull who first signed up with eSports athletes back in 2006 with established Halo player David Walsh.

Red Bull have become so invested with the eSports scene that they have since set up their own team labelled ‘Red Bull LAN’ who actively take part in contests surrounding major titles such as Fortnite and other competitive shooters.

In 2021, Red Bull invested over $578 million into eSports for sponsorships with their own athletes and rivalling competitors in an effort to further promote their brand within eSports and other digital circuits.

Other teams and individual athletes have also signed up to some truly impressive offers from various other companies with some of the most recent deals including the aforementioned TSM team signing a massive deal with automobile firm GMC, Guild eSports signing a one year contract with soda company Coca-Cola and Team Liquid linking up with metal poster company Displate being only a few of the many impressive ventures that eSports teams have enjoyed throughout the past few months in terms of sponsorship.

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There may be no active circuit that has endured such a prosperous rise in popularity and overall worth compared to what eSports is continuing to acquire with each passing year.

This surge is only expected to either maintain its current trajectory or potentially increase to an even greater extent given the vast amount of potential multiplayer titles that could be released to gamers throughout the next few years as well as the various advancements that are expected to be made within the technological industry across the foreseeable future.

Esports is now at its most productive and highly profitable rate which has allowed numerous high-profile brands to venture into the marketing of their products within various eSports events which has sent the sector into a lucrative state and one that is only expected to grow at an exponential rate.

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