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Nerdle: What is it & How to Play

Nerdle is a highly popular maths game. First invented by reddit user ‘TheMann0707’, it involves guessing numbers and it is a derivative of the word-guessing game Wordle. The classical version of it takes place on a 6 by 8 grid. You are given 6 turns to guess an 8 column long mathematical equation. In this article, I will be detailing exactly how to play Nerdle. Everything from how to access it, to tips on how to play is covered below.

How to Play Nerdle?

Firstly, you will want to start by going to the website www.nerdlegame.com. This is the only official site that you can play the game on. Once there, select play now and you will be greeted with the aforementioned 6 by 8 grid.

You must start by entering a mathematically correct equation into the first column. Press enter and the tiles will then be colour coded. If the number or symbol you entered is not in the hidden equation, the tile will be highlighted black. If it is present but in a different order, the tile will be purple. Lastly, it will be green if the number is correct and in exactly the right place.

Once you have some tiles either highlighted green or purple, be sure to change your next equation accordingly. For example, if your first equation contained purple tiles, keep the purple numbers/symbols in the second one but change the order. If they are green, obviously keep the number in the same position. Your goal is to turn all the tiles green by the end. At the same time, always keep in mind that the equation must be mathematically sound.

Nerdle is a daily game. Once you get to the end of the eight columns, you will have to wait until 12 AM in your time zone for a new equation. This is the case regardless of whether you win or lose the current game. As you continue to play each day, you should see your skills gradually improve. It can be challenging at first, but if you stick with it, Nerdle can be very rewarding.

It is worth mentioning that Nerdle is mainly a game for math enthusiasts. If maths isn’t really your forte, don’t worry if you are finding the game difficult. Once you have memorised the rules, it will become easier to understand in time. In case you are still having trouble with the game, I have listed some key tips and ways to improve below to help get you started.

Tips for Nerdle

The key to Nerdle is making use of the clues that it gives you. The best way to start is by entering an equation with a variety of different numbers and characters.

Next, pay close attention to anything that is highlighted. Keep the green numbers the same, change the order of the purple ones. Lastly, use different numbers than before for all the grey tiles. There are only a limited number of numbers and characters to choose from. Much of the later columns will be about rearranging correctly.

Make sure to carefully think through your next equation. As more numbers are excluded, it will get harder to find an equation that works. Be sure to go through all your possible options and to carefully select something that fits the pattern.

Continue this process until you can hopefully whittle down the options. If you are really stuck, feel free to use a calculator to make finding a correct equation easier. This will save you a lot of time and is a big idea when you are just starting out.

How to Improve in Nerdle

The main way to improve in Nerdle by firstly understanding all the rules and nuances to the game. It is important, for example, to have an idea of which equations take up eight spaces. From there you can already whittle down the possible answers. Next, it is crucial to memorise the meaning of each tile colour and how they affect the game.

After this much of the game is about practicing. It helps to brainstorm different number combinations that fit the pattern. You can speed up this process by using a calculator. The more you do this, the easier it will become over time.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to start with Mini or Micro nerdle. The full Nerdle can be a steep learning curve. These are easier version of Nerdle that can help ease you into the game before you tackle the real deal and are explained below.

Mini and Micro Nerdle

If Nerdle still seems a bit daunting, there is always mini nerdle. Mini Nerdle is play on a 6 by 6 grid. As a result, the equation is shorter and easier to guess.

There are less possible answers in Mini Nerdle making the gaming a lot simpler. If you are having trouble with the normal ‘Nerdle’, this is a great place to start. The 6 by 6 grid should help ease you into things.

Lastly, for an even easier experience, there is Micro Nerdle. Micro Nerdle takes place on a small 5 by 5 grid. This hugely whittles down the possibilities. As such, it is even more forgiving than Mini Nerdle.

How to Share your Nerdle Results

After getting to the end you will see your results. A screen appears showing your guesses for each turn as well as whether you won or lost. At the bottom there is a ‘share’ button. You can use this to share your results on various social media sites including FaceBook and Twitter.

Hopefully this article has given you a good idea of how to play Nerdle. It is a challenging number guessing game and how not be for everyone. However, it can also be very rewarding if you stick with it. Lastly, don’t hesitate to consult today’s Nerdle answer, in case you are struggling.

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