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The Best Valorant Stat Trackers

Valorant is an online first-person shooter title available on PC. It has a 5 v 5 competitive format. You play as one of a set of agents with each one having a different set of abilities. Since it is competitive online game, it has a lot of different match statistics to keep track of. It is very useful to pay attention to them as they can help you to identify areas to improve upon. The best way to easily monitor all the match stats is with a stat tracker. In this article, I will be listing the best stat trackers in Valorant.

Best Valorant Stat Trackers


Trakcer.gg is one of the easiest stat trackers to use and has a great array of features. Firstly, it includes an all-in-one live tracker program allowing you to see how your team compares to that of your opponent in real time. It also allows you to view the match stats and metrics as you play. Not only this, it also has an IOS app where you can view data useful such as leader-boards and many other useful stats.

The only negative point about Tracker.gg is that all the information can be a bit overwhelming. It isn’t the most user friendly stat tracker out there, but it does provide very detailed stats.


Overwolf is a Valorant stat tracker with over 5 million downloads, and it is easy to see why. It has all the features and functionalities you would expect and more. This includes being able to see the live stats during your match and giving you access to helpful guides. At the end of the match, it also gives you a visual analysis of your detailed stats. Overall, Overwolf is another very comprehensive stat tracker that is definitely worth checking out.

The only downsides to Overwolf are that firstly it can affect the FPS you get in game. When running in the background, it can increase the load on your PC. In addition, it has received some negative feedback concerning the overlays. For some players, they have been too obtrusive.


Blitz.gg provides you with a huge amount of information on player stats, victory rates, win to loss ratios and much more. All you need to do to activate it is to link your Valorant account and have it running in the background. Blitz presents you with match stats in the form of overlays. There are multiple you can select from including one showing live stats during your match. There is also one that gives you very detailed post-match insights. This level of customisation is one of Blitz’s strong-points and definitely makes it worth downloading.

Since Blitz.gg is a free app to download, one of the only disadvantages is the adverts. Other than that, it remains a great stat tracker for beginners and veterans alike.


ValorantStats.xyz acts as your personal Valorant Stat tracker. It analyses your gameplay and pinpoints the areas in which you could improve. It provides you with tailored post-match reports allowing you to quickly improve in the game. It also includes comprehensive guides and tutorials.

The main disadvantage to Valaront.xyz is that it is a paid stat tracker. It provides detailed information, but it is necessary to look elsewhere if you don’t want to spend any money.


Last but not least is Valking.gg. This stat tracker is designed with mobile devices in mind and makes for a fantastic Valorant companion app. In terms of features, it firstly allows you to view your main Valorant profile at any time. You can also look up varous global stats on it such as tier lists and ranked distribution.

However, it is less comprehensive then some other trackers. It doesn’t features guides or real-time stats and is restricted to mobiles. It is good for use as a  secondary tracker, but not necessarily as a primary one.

As you can see above, there are some fantastic stat trackers out there for Valorant. They allow you to view a huge amount of match information, often in real-time while you play. They also have invaluable guides and tutorials.

Lastly, for information on how the Valorant ranking system works, don’t hesitate to check out this article right here.

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