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Make the Most of Online Slots: How To Claim Free Spins


One of the best perks of online casino slots is arguably the free spins feature. Free spins allow you to have several rounds of risk-free play and open up the chance to win big without spending much or even no money. Here are a few ways to get free spins and use them effectively.


Registering with an online casino is the easiest way to get free spins. Sites like thephonecasino.com offer great perks like 100 free spins on Online slots UK when you register. Registering only takes a couple of minutes, and once you’ve logged in, you will already have many spins available to you.

While some sites may require you to make a deposit first, several will give you several free spins just by registering with them and using their platform.

Look at the Offer & Rewards Systems

The next thing you need to do is scan over the offers and rewards system of your online casino. You’ll often be offered free spins once you’ve completed one or two small tasks.

These tasks can range from making your first deposit to playing a game for a specified amount of time. The latter is relatively popular, as many sites offer free plays on new or less popular games to draw a crowd to them.

Refer a Friend

Another popular way to get free spins is to refer a friend. Typically, this involves sending an invite to your contacts, and if they use that invite to register and start playing, you and the person you referred will receive free spins.

There are often quite a few free spins up for grabs, and you can also invite 10, 20, or 30 people; if they all register, you will receive a very handsome reward in return.

Types of Free Spins

You should be aware of three main types of free spins: no deposit, deposit, and no wagering free spins. Here is how they work and how they are different.

No Deposit

A no-deposit free spin is exactly what it says on the tin. You don’t have to spend or deposit any money to be awarded these free spins. These are usually free spins on the site’s more popular slot games. On the downside, you will often get fewer spins than the other types of free spins, but they are definitely still worth the effort.


A deposit spin bonus requires you to deposit a set amount of money into the casino before you get your spins. Deposit spin bonuses are often set up in a tier system; for example, £5 gets you 10 spins, £10 gets you 25 spins, etc.

While this bonus does require you to spend money, more often than not, you will receive better value for your money as you will receive more spins in return compared to if you had to pay for them in a different way.

No Wagering

No-wager free spins are a relatively new type of bonus that removes the wagering aspect of it. Wagering is a common feature of many bonuses, as players need to meet specific wagering requirements for the bonuses to be applicable.

However, no-wager free spins remove these requirements, and while this often means lower bonuses and jackpots compared to wagering, it is incredibly player and budget-friendly.

How To Use Your Free Spins

Finally, when using your free spins, don’t choose the first game you come across and blow them all in one go. Here are a few tips for using your free spins effectively.

Look Through the Game & Theme Options

Firstly, take some time to review all the game options and themes you can use your free spins on. They aren’t all created equally, and it is important to find out how they work, how you can win, and what bonuses they offer.

A great way to do this is to use one or two of your spins as practice rounds, as this can be the best way to get a feel for the game and to see if it is something for you.

Watch Tutorials

Almost every game you encounter will have at least one tutorial video on how to play and win. If you have never seen or played the game before, don’t skip this step, as many slot and spin-based games nowadays are far more than just three spinning wheels with fruit on them.

Many games will have mini-games or multiple ways of winning, and you won’t know about them unless you know where to look or have watched a tutorial.

Use Your Free Spins Wisely

Finally, always use your free spins wisely. Many people make the mistake of using them as “throwaway” spins without realising that they are a legitimate potential way to win big and could save you money in your gaming budget.


Free spins are one of the best bonuses an online casino can offer. So, now that you know how to get them, the different types of free spins, and how to use them, you are on your way to potentially hitting the jackpot.

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