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The Best Age of Wonders 4 Mods: Top 10

Age of Wonders 4 is a 2023 turn-based strategy game developed by Triumph Studios. It allows you to build and grow your own empire and to explore many different realms. Despite this title still being very new, there have already been a vast array of mods developed for it. These mods have a variety of different effects on the game. From changing the appearance of new units, to changing their stats, there are plenty to choose from. In this article, I will be listing the top 10 mods in Age of Wonders 4.

Top 10 Age of Wonders 4 Mods

10. Magic Materials Balance 1.1

This mod greatly enhances the effects of magic materials in the game. This applies especially to plants magic materials. With it installed, haste berries give you 10 food and 20 draft while silver tongue now confers 20 food and 10 draft. Overall, it is a useful mod to take advantage of as it balances their stats making the game less difficult.

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9. Unlimited Overchannel Mod

Another highly useful mod. This one greatly increases the power of Wizard-kings by letting them use their over channel ability twice per turn. If you are finding the Wizard-kings to be a bit underwhelming, this is the perfect mod to install.

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8. Adventurers Guild Mod

This mod adds an adventurers guild city upgrade. As part of the upgrade, you will also an additional hero slot. Having an additional hear slot can make a world of differences in Age of Wonders 4. Lastly, this mod also has the added perk of providing +10 city stability and draft income.

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7. Starting Affinities +1 Mod

If you would like a faster start to the empire tree, this is the perfect mod for you. It does exactly that by adding +1 affinity to each of the cultures. This mod will ensure that you get off to the best start possible in the game.

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6. Better Chain Lightning Mod

This mod makes it so that chain lightning now hits a total of 4 targets. This massively helps to make the spell more balanced in the game.

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5. Balanced Empire Skills 2.2

This is a fantastic mod as it balances a large variety of different skills for the latest DLC. With this installed, all tier 1 skills cost 75 imperium instead of 100 while all tier 2 skills cost 100 imperium rather than 125. As a result, it helps to make the game experience much more streamlined.

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4. Domain Movement Speed Increase Mod

Sometimes your units can seem a little slow in Age of Wonders 4. If you are finding this particularly bothersome, then this mod is highly recommended. It doubles the movement speed, but only in your domain. As a result, it makes it much easier to defend your empire.

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3. Balanced Hero Skills 4.0

This is easily one of the best mods available for the game so far. It gives significant stat boosts to a large variety of skills in the game. For example, Fighting I gives +15% damage and healing restores 20 HP with this installed. If you want the game in its entirety to feel more balanced stat wise, this is the perfect mod for you.

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2. No Intro Mod

This mod has no effect on the actual gameplay, but it definitely improves the overall experience. It removes the pesky long intro, allowing you to jump into the game much more quickly. For those who find the intro just a bit too long and tedious, this is definitely worth checking out!

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1. Archers Range Increased Mod

Last but certainly not least is the Archers Range mod. This is one is the most popular Wonders 4 mods, and it isn’t hard to see why. As its name suggests, it increases the range of your bow units to 7, and the crossbow units to 6. It helps make your ranged decisions in combat much more impactful, thereby adding a lot to the overall experience. With this mod, the ranged units are more on par with the melee units helping to balance out the game.

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This should have given you a good idea of the best mods currently available in Age of Wonders 4. In case you were also wondering about the best mods in another popular game, Hogwarts Legacy, feel free to check out this article here.

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