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How to Improve Shooting and Personal Tactics in Escape From Tarkov Battles

Escape From Tarkov

Tarkov is rightfully considered one of the best shooters in the battle royale genre, which combines the mechanics of a military simulator, a dark setting and the need to always compete with other players for the best types of weapons and ammunition, while the main ideas are based on realism – ballistics and a wound system, which need to be taken into account.


In Escape from Tarkov, not only accuracy is important, but knowledge and understanding of the basic shooting mechanics, character position, distance, and the ability to find accessories for accuracy and better visibility. All this can be obtained through gameplay gradually, or buy tarkov roubles and start with a noticeable advantage and get more pleasure from the action and shooting in general, rather than constantly farming.

1. Consider the distance to determine the type of shooting required.

In any shooter there are three types of shooting, which greatly depend on the presence of ballistics, because if there is one, then you need to aim higher from the target so that the bullet reaches your opponent.

Single fire

This is shooting one cartridge at a time with maximum aim to destroy the enemy with one, maximum two cartridges.

This format requires composure and is only suitable for situations where you are starting a fight, because if you step into a firefight, you will not be targeting your enemy, but using more aggressive types of shooting.

Firing in bursts, or three rounds at a time

Most automatic assault weapons have a burst fire option, which will help you fire accurately and aggressively, with a high potential for damage to the enemy without having to aim for the head. This is the most effective option both for starting a battle at medium or close range, and when taking the battle and returning fire.

At long ranges, shooting three rounds at a time produces too much spread and wastes two extra bullets on a kill that could have been achieved with one round.

It is also worth considering that choosing to fire with a limited number of rounds, rather than conducting chaotic fire with a high risk of wasting all the ammunition, is a good sign that you have gained full control over your nerves and mondrage and are using effective methods, instead of chaotic firing at random.

This approach will help you speed up Tarkov’s leveling, increase the amount of loot from defeated enemies and bandits, and simply add more pleasure to your gameplay.

Automatic fire

From the shooting mechanics described above, you may get the mistaken impression that automatic fire is panic and chaotic shooting. This is not entirely true, we are talking about chaos when beginners fire all 30 rounds at the target and don’t hit any of them.

Automatic fire is the ability to conduct suppressive fire, shoot without interruption and control the initiative throughout the entire battle. Your task is to shoot accurately and quickly, but not chaotically.

Most often, you will shoot with automatic fire during a sharp skirmish with enemies at close range, when you need to make a decision with lightning speed and engage in battle.

2. Seek cover and make yourself a target

In Escape from Tarkov there are a lot of aiming tools, and if you act carelessly, you can easily get a bullet when collecting loot, or simply moving around locations.

To do this, it is enough to move not in a straight line, but using shelters – destroyed buildings, stones, fallen trees. A sharp change in trajectory to advance allows you to increase the likelihood of dodging the next shot and avoiding it in order to continue picking up loot and selling it for Tarkov rubles.

When the battle begins, do not fuss, immediately crouch down, or use the prone position to get out of the way of fire and reduce your silhouette in the face of the enemy. In truth, if they suddenly started shooting at you, then either you made a number of serious mistakes, or were simply inattentive, but if you were not killed with the first shot, then there is a good chance of leaving, or even engaging in a retaliatory battle.

Selection of weapons and accessories

You need to find two types of weapons that can be switched for different tasks.

The main weapon for farming and shooting will be an assault rifle, on which you need to find and install a sight for shooting at medium distances, a flash suppressor that will camouflage the shooting location, a stabilizer that will add accuracy when shooting.

The secondary weapon should be a sniper rifle, which can be bought for etf rubles, or found in abandoned locations in equipment left by the military.

You need to find a scope with the highest magnification level you can get, but not only this attribute is important, you need a suppressor and stabilizer for long-range play and shooting from a safe place.

This approach is needed to quickly move to different battle distances, reacting when enemies are detected, but keep in mind that there will be a huge number of snipers and shooters around and first of all you need to assess the terrain and only then act.

Sometimes you should not open fire right away – there may be more than one player who moves first, and waiting a couple of seconds before making a decision can help you avoid serious fights.

Use grenades

Many players underestimate grenades, or simply forget to use them.

This is an excellent tool for knocking enemies out of cover, or holding off their advance.

Against bandits, it is also a good option to destroy them as a threat in a whole group, if you pin them down in battles and throw grenades at them.

Also, don’t forget about smoke bombs. To a greater extent, they should be used for planned departure. You should not use smoke to get closer to the enemy, because, firstly, you will immediately give the enemy an understanding that a battle is about to begin, and secondly, when leaving the smoke, the enemy will see your silhouette before you see the entire map again and most likely you will get a bullet, so use the smoke to escape, or evacuate with loot to get rubles in Escape from Tarkov.

Conclusions on shooting and selecting weapons in Escape from Tarkov

You need to find complete accessories for each type of weapon that you will use regularly.

For assault weapons, this is a flash suppressor and a sight with a slight magnification.

For a sniper weapon, you need a silencer, because from a long distance it is more important to muffle the sound, and not the shot itself, which most likely no one will see anyway, and a maximum amplification sight, which will allow you to shoot from a great distance. You can earn a lot of ETF rubles by simply waiting for enemies in the loot and killing them from a safe distance and taking their property for sale.

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