Red Dead Redemption 3? What Should We Expect?

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games have given gamers some of the most gripping and electric gaming titles we’ve seen over the last 25 years. For many, they’re the gold standard of game design, with multiple iconic projects holding a place close to the heart. Just taking a quick look at the collection, there are numerous Grand Theft Auto titles, including the previous chapters of Red Dead. However, even titles like The Warriors and Max Payne are some of the best games for retro gamers. Consistency and quality are the foundation of Rockstar’s approach. Now that Red Dead Redemption 3 has been all but confirmed, what should we expect from this dynamic and pioneering company?

How Online Casinos Lead The Innovation At Rockstar

Given the timeline of the last two games, Red Dead Redemption, set in the 1890s, and Red Dead Redemption 2, set in the early 1910s, we’d imagine Rockstar will be looking to tackle the last frontier of the Wild West. This was a unique period in American history; society was changing, as was entertainment. Red Dead Redemption 2 perfectly captures the gambling culture in the US at the end of the 19th century, so Red Dead Redemption 3 could implement casino gaming where you can play against people online, en masse.

Online casinos have revolutionized the betting and iGaming sector and continue solidifying their immense reach via various platforms. Although video and console gaming, including casinos, aren’t as widespread as they are on the internet, it’s a market that’s set to expand. Given that there are whispers about GTA 6 even facilitating cryptocurrency casinos, Rockstar is not a design company that hangs around and waits for the chasing pack.

Online casinos have innovated immensely over the last decade, and cryptocurrency casinos are the latest in line to show how they continue to pioneer. As an example, Ignition Casino offers traditional digital casino games but gives bettors the chance to use their digital assets like Bitcoin to play. If GTA 6 is looking to offer a pathway for people to earn crypto in the game and also have casinos available, who knows what new changes Red Dead 3 could have that revolve around exciting casino mini-games?

An Unusual Route To The Top

Red Dead Redemption first hit our shelves over a decade ago, but it was the second installment in this long and successful franchise. The original Red Dead Revolver is 20 years old next year, just in case you needed any reminder of how quickly time flies. Rockstar’s Wild-West-themed Red Dead franchise is unique because most gamers and critics agree that this game has significantly improved with each installment.

Grand Theft Auto has received magnanimous praise from the off and has blown critics away with every chapter since GTA 3, despite a severe blip when a series of remasters were panned heavily due to their poor production.

Although Red Dead Revolver was still voted one of the year’s top games, it didn’t have the sort of universal fanfare we’d come to expect from the New York-based design company. Still, the praise for the following two chapters was ubiquitous, with many citing Red Dead 2 as the best game of the decade.

Tackling The 1920s Setting

If you doubt whether Rockstar can find another gear and not turn Red Dead 3 into a game as revered as the last two chapters, do so at your peril. Given the extensive and breathtakingly vast detail covered in the iconic 2018 release, if Red Dead begins to tackle the growth of the American city or sends a new character on their way to tackle undiscovered landscapes within the colossal world of Red Dead, then the possibilities grow again.

Fun cheat codes that alter the gaming landscape or characters’ behavior are among the many elements that have made Rockstar a unique and entertaining designer. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the same, so Red Dead 3 may involve additional cheat codes that enhance the humor or gameplay in the same way GTA did.


Now that the game is at the peak of its powers, Red Dead 3 could signal the crowning of Rockstar’s greatest-ever achievement. However, if they don’t get it right, it might receive the same vitriolic response that the GTA remasters were recently subject to.

If you’re weighing up the likelihood of the game becoming a success, you’d say, based on all measurements, that the probability is highly likely. The anticipation of the game will only be eclipsed by GTA 6, and much like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead has maneuvered itself into a position and stature, which means that any new release is a global event.

With a prospective release date of 2025, we know this is just a working target, given that Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently taking up so much energy at Rockstar HQ. Although some fans have downplayed the need for Red Dead 3, if Rockstar can reach the same levels as Red Dead 1 and 2, gamers will flock to buy it to see whether it can achieve the same lofty standards.

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