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Best External HDs for the PS5

Best PS5 External Hard Drives

The PS5 is a great console with a huge library of games. However, with some of its latest titles taking up over 80 GB of space, having enough storage has become more important than ever. The base model of the PS5 comes with a 825 GB SSD, of which 667 GB is free space. This isn’t a massive amount given the size of many modern-day games. Thankfully, it is possible to upgrade the console’s SSD. Alternatively, you can also purchase an external hard drive and move games onto that to save up space. Although, PS5 games can’t run from a hard drive, you can store and play all of your PS4 titles on one. In this article, I will be listing below the best external hard drives for the PS5.

Best External PS5 Hard Drives

Seagate Game Drive (STLL4000200)

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

The Seagate Hard Drive is a fantastic choice. It is an officially licensed product of very high quality. It is also very easy to plug straight into your console and use, and is capable of holding a huge library of great games. The version linked below can hold 4 TB of data. At that capacity, you shouldn’t have any storage issues again as far as PS4 titles are concerned.

WD_Black P10

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

The WD_Black Pro is another fantastic choice. It is highly portable weighing just 231 grams and at 5 terabytes can hold a huge number of games. Last but not least, you can also expect great build quality and durability from this hard drive.

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WD_Black 8TB D10

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

If you want the highest capacity hard drive possible, then this is the perfect hard drive for you. At 8 TB, you should be able to store hundreds of games on it. What’s more, this hard drive is very fast with transfer speeds up to 250 MB/s. If that isn’t enough, it also features two USB charging ports.

UnionSine Portable External Hard Drive

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

If portability is important for you, then the UnionSine External Hard Drive is definitely worth checking out. Weighing just 145 grams, it has a very sleek design. This makes it easy to carry and transport. It is also very cost effective with the 1 TB version currently just £41.89.

Avolusion HDDGear Pro

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

The Avolusion HDDGear Pro is another great option. It has a great price to performance ratio. The 4 TB model is currently just £69.29 and comes with a 2 year warranty. It also has a sleek, attractive design that definitely helps it to stand out!

An external hard drive is very useful for storing a large amount of PS4 games. If you play a lot of last-gen games through the PS5’s backwards compatibility feature, that it is definitely worth buying one. Enough though you can’t play PS5 games directly from one, then can help free up a lot of space on your internal SSD.

Lastly, on the topic of PS5 games, don’t hesitate to check out this article here for the best upcoming titles coming to the console.

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