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Marvel’s Wolverine Rumoured to Launch in 2024; Unannounced Bend Studio Game Revealed

Marvel's Wolverine

The release window for Marvel’s Wolverine may have been revealed by one of the game’s artists. In addition to the release date of the Wolverine game, the possible release window for an unannounced Bend Studio game was also revealed.

Both release date listings were found by a ResetEra user on the ArtStation page of Concept Artist Hung Nguy. This artist has worked in games such as Company of Heroes 3, The Quarry, Demon’s Souls, and other PlayStation titles.

The artist listed the release date for Marvel’s Wolverine to be at some point in 2024. The unannounced Bend Studio game would be released at some point in 2025.

After the ResetEra thread gained enough popularity among the internet masses, the ArtStation listing was deleted. But still, it was enough for the speculation bubble to explode once again.

hungnguy96 on ArtStation

The Wolverine game was announced in September 2021, and it’s supposed to take place in the same universe as Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man.  The game is billed as a standalone title directed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christian.

While the game’s release date remains unannounced, the rumor mill has kept a 2024 release window. Giant Bomb recently reported that the game might be released in Fall 2024. Additionally, the game would be going for a “Hard” M rating with its more mature themes and setting compared to its peers in the Marvel universe with its blood, drug references, language, and violence.

As for what this unannounced Bend Studio game might be, it’s heavily rumored that Bend Studio is working on a game that takes place on a new IP that builds on the open-world gameplay offered by Days Gone. It’s still unclear what this new venture might be. However, it could be one of the various live service games developed by PlayStation’s studios.

While not much is known about these projects, you can stay tuned here to know more about these upcoming games.

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