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Braid Anniversary Edition is Coming in 2024

It’s time. Almost quite literally, in fact. Braid, the puzzle platformer that deals with time mechanics to progress through multiple levels, is coming to multiple platforms in 2024. The game will be released on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices for Netflix subscribers. Additionally, there will be Mac and Linux releases of the game after the initial launch.

This new iteration of Braid will not be a simple upscale. In fact, the game’s creator, Jonathan Blow, has confirmed that the game will feature a new plethora of puzzles. These new puzzles will be added in a way that doesn’t compromise the original game. The game will also feature hand-repainted graphics at 4K+ resolution by original artist David Hellman (sampled below) and revamped audio and music remixes by Martin Stig Andersen and Hans Christian Kock.

Braid Anniversary Edition will also feature an extensive Developer Commentary that features over 60 hours of interviews and conversations. What’s more, the Anniversary Edition will feature screenshots of the game as it progressed through its development. Players will be able to interact with the environments as they were created. All while listening to interviewers such as Brian Moriarty, Casey Muratori, Frank Cifadi, and Marc ten Bosch as they reflect on the design of the game. Braid Anniversary Edition will act as both a celebration of the game’s long tenure and a repository of information.

The game originally launched on Xbox Live Arcade and instantly became a huge hit in the indie scene. The game is a puzzle platformer experience like none other where you control a hero who is capable of controlling time to solve puzzle platforming challenges. While the premise of Braid is that Tim is trying to rescue a princess from the clutches of a monster, the world of Braid hides many secrets. It’s up to you to discover the true narrative behind the game.

Braid Anniversary Edition will be coming to PlayStation, Windows, Xbox, and Netflix on April 30, 2024. The Mac and Linux versions of the game will be released at a later point in the year.

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