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PlayStation Portal is an Unexpected Sales Success

As hard as it is to believe, the PlayStation Portal is becoming a sales success. Despite its tepid reception across the gaming community and with some outlets, the device has been reportedly sold out. Some scalpers are taking advantage of the situation and reselling the device at a higher price point on third-party sites. Unfortunately, this means that there might be a waiting time before players get the PlayStation Portal at the MSRP of $199.99.

The PlayStation Portal is one of the many PlayStation 5 accessories that currently are available in the market. This particular accessory allows you to take the gaming experience anywhere as you stream your favorite PlayStation 5 games over a Wi-Fi connection. The device features an 8-inch LCD screen sitting between two halves of a DualSense controller. The controller features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback much like the console’s counterpart. Thus, the experience is similar to the original.\

PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal was released on November 15, with pre-orders available before release. Now that the device is on sale across multiple retailers, it’s become increasingly harder to find. The official PlayStation website lists the device as “Currently unavailable,” and other major retailers have also been reportedly out of stock for the PlayStation Portal.

Unfortunately, this also means that scalpers will take advantage of the situation. Spurious listings of the PlayStation Portal have begun appearing on sites like eBay, listing the device for prices such as $375 USD and above. This pricing will increase as time goes on without a restock from the official channels. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a restock happening until Early December at least. So, users will have to be patient if they want to get their hands on the portable device.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news regarding this and other PlayStation 5-related news and releases.

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