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Sybr Si1 Review: Is This the Ultimate Gaming Chair?

Sybr Si1

The gaming chair is sometimes seen as a bit of a gimmick; a way for Twitch streamers to let their audience know they’re ‘true’ gamers. As a result, they’ve long been considered amongst the most aesthetically appealing items of furniture. In recent years, however, particularly with the rise of esports, style will get you only so far. Gamers – particularly competitive ones – demand functionality to accompany style. It’s on this note we introduce the Sybr Si1 by The Senator Group, touted by its creators as the “ultimate gaming chair”.

A lofty tagline indeed – but how does it measure up in our Si1 gaming chair review?

Sybr Si1 True

Sybr Si1 Features: At a Glance

  • Luxury Design: The Si1 exudes luxury and sleekness, with its contemporary form factor, external grill and high-quality upholstery.
  • Preset Movement Ranges: Termed ‘harmonic tilt’ by Senator, the Si1 features four presets that automatically adjust to the user’s weight and tension, allowing you to select your preference to match your gaming style. PC gamer? You’ll want the upright option. Casual game of FIFA with your mates? Feel free to lounge for comfort.
  • Ventilation: Ardent gamers will be no stranger to the dreaded ‘sticky back’. Thanks to the Si1’s rear grill, your temperature is regulated even during the most intense of gaming sessions.
  • Ergonomic Performance: Engineered by a company renowned for its office furniture, the Sybr Si1 provides ergonomic comfort as well as style, with its head rest, padded back and seat supports – plus fold-down arms, which provide wrist stability where needed.
  • Durability: Inspired by the automotive industry in terms of fabric and manufacture, the Si1 is built to last. Made in Italy and built in the UK, it comes with a five-year warranty as standard and, has been tested for office use and up to a user weight of 150 Kg.


We received the Sybr Si1 ‘True’ model to review, an all-black (well, black and dark grey) silhouette that eschews flashiness in favour of professionalism. Other models available include the self-descriptive Saffron, Java and Glacier, all of which are a bit more expressive. It’s clear the Si1 sits at the luxury end of the gaming chair market, with a sleek form factor, high-quality materials and padding, with seamless stitching.

Sybr Si1 lifestyle

The headrest integrates seamlessly with the back of the chair, where the ventilation ‘grill’ is clearly inspired by those of Italian supercars and exudes performance. A sturdy chrome base gives the Si1 a polished finish, while the fold-down arms are understated, not appearing too ‘robotic’.


Having tested the Si1 for approximately 100+ hours of gaming time – both on the PC at our desk and PS5 by the TV – comfort is where the chair really comes into its own. Built with high-quality materials, and including the often-overlooked full shoulder, neck and head support, the flagship Sybr product is clearly built for a range of different gaming styles. The seat has just the right amount of padding to be supportive but comfortable, and the back ventilation grill has thankfully made sticky backs a thing of the past.


Senator have been at pains to point out their automotive-style manufacturing methods, and we can confirm that with the Sybr Si1, it’s more than just fancy PR talk. Fold-down arms provide users with that extra wrist support for PC gaming, while the ‘harmonic tilt’ – preset movements – provide four different positions which actually do adjust to your weight and tension. It took some getting some getting used to at first, as we often found ourselves slouching, but give it a bit of time and you’ll come to appreciate this dynamism.

Sybr Si1 back

The gaming chair’s head and shoulder supports are ergonomically designed and absolutely crucial for prolonged periods of playtime. It’s clear to see why British esports outfit EXCEL have come onboard as official partner for Sybr; maintaining good posture is especially important for competitive gamers and the Si1 excels in keeping you feeling supported and stable throughout use.

The chair features the now-customary hydraulic height adjustment feature, and – to keep the automotive comparisons coming – the handle resembles something of a racing car exhaust.


Engineered and built in the UK, while being manufactured in Italy, the Si1 has clearly been built with long-term performance in mind. The chair has been tested to a user weight of 150kg and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. It’s certified with a number of important industry standards around durability and stability – as well as the chair’s fabric conforming to all appropriate fire safety regulations. All of its components feel heavy duty; Senator haven’t scrimped on the quality of the wheels, base or back in favour of the main fabric. Optional hard or soft floor castors are available as extras at the point of purchase.

Sybr Si1 lifestyle 2


The Sybr Si1 retails at £699, placing it firmly in the luxury gaming chair price range. Based on its contemporary aesthetic, luxurious build quality and enduring comfort, this feels about right. For competitive gamers, a quality gaming chair is one of the safest investments you can make, and the Si1 has to be value for money.


Inspired by the Italian automotive industry and engineered by ergonomic furniture experts, the Sybr Si1 goes a long way towards ticking all the boxes to be considered the ultimate gaming chair. The group’s debut in the gaming market, it’ll be interesting to see which esports organisations will follow EXCEL next in favouring Senator’s products.